BP Oil Spill – Katrina Part 2

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So here we are with a new environmental disaster that was caused by the government and that they are doing everything to blame on everyone else and ignoring the cries of its citizens.  Just like Hurricane Katrina back in 2005, Americans are reliving a nightmare where people are suffering and the government acts as if its hands are clean.

This is yet another case of why there isn’t any difference between Democrats and Republicans when it gets down to the brass tacks.  The Democrats had their “hey day” with a then President Bush as they said that he was asleep at the wheel when Hurricane rolled up to the shores of New Orleans leaving mass destruction in its wake.  They blamed Bush for the failure to do anything about the levee and the lack of regulatory enforcement.  The end result was disastrous taking with it many, many lives.   And here we are again with an oil leak of disastrous proportions caused by the same lackadaisical regulatory enforcement of a government entity. And the shame of it is that the Republicans are participating in the finger pointing instead of trying to help resolve the issue. Basking in the glow of the failure of the Democrats who would rather watch them wallow in it than help to fix the problem.

BP has now officially spent over a billion dollars trying to do just that and even hiring fisherman who are affected by this ongoing tragedy to at least help to give them some sort of income since their livelihood has been interrupted. The government hasn’t done anything outside of sending out 1000 men. That’s like the equivalent of one Navy boat. And their involvement has been limited to being essentially on site foremen. Just watching things go very badly and reporting it back. 1000 court reporters.

This party war within the government and the never ending power struggle simply has to stop. Both parties are collectively the government that we elected, not just half of a whole.  Neither party seems to figure out that just sitting around pointing fingers is not going to resolve the problem.  The Democrats enjoyed their time as the pointer during Katrina and now they get to fully realize the awkward position of being the pointee. The sad part being is that, like children, they will not learn any lesson from these mistakes and will simply continue to act like children. They will never realize that it has nothing to do about who is in power, but that they should be striving to assure the common good of man.  And even if they had a hand-holding Kumbaya moment, there would always exist the insatiable desire to blame the other and acquire more power.  We say we will “never forget”, but it appears as if we have. The time where we stood as one is only a historical footnote.

Forget that we pay 40% of our hard earned money to support the government. Forget that we are willingly paying a percentage of our income to a social security black hole that no one under 50 will ever see. The only thing anyone needs to remember is that this is the inefficiency of government. While thousands of gallons of oil pours into the gulf every day, killing wildlife, destroying thousands of families livelihood, our President is making speeches at colleges, playing golf, with his primary concern being November elections. With his constituents slightly slack jawed in amazement as they watch their government do absolutely nothing.  Who among us in his position wouldn’t be having a coronary right now?  Would we not be on site pulling out all of the stops to somehow make this stop?

While Bush may have been late to the party during Katrina, he at least made sure that there was an immense presence to help clean up the mess.  A very stark contrast to what we’re seeing here. For a General to sit in front of cameras at CNN and brag about their 1000 men who are present at the site of the oil spill is yet another insult to our intelligence. In active and reserve, there are over a million and a half people serving in the military.   That means they we have allocated 0.06% of our resources to this national disaster. Not even 1 tenth of 1 percent to a national disaster.  If we don’t see that this is a tell tale sign of this governments priorities, I’m not sure we will ever wake up.

Someone please wake up.


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Unemployment Spikes! Obamas Fault!

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Yes, I know this is old news, but I get a tad disturbed when I hear certain talk show hosts and pundits quote Obama’s unfortunate statement that the distribution of the stimulus checks would keep the unemployment rate from going over 8%.  I personally think that from a business standpoint, you should never over-promise things that you simply don’t have control over.  In this case the reasoning for the over-promising was to push the stimulus package.  But really, how stupid are you that you would believe him?  That’s like me saying, if you put my kids through college, then it will never rain when you have a picnic.

Trying to pull wool over the eyes of the public is apparently what this Administration does best. It’s nothing new. We saw it with the Bush Administration as well and they were big ones like the war in Iraq, which I won’t even begin to go into.  And of course, every Administration before it has mastered it to varying degrees.  But with Obama it has a much deeper level of depravity and it just keeps coming.  It’s simply lie after lie after lie and we keep looking down at the ground, sweeping with our feet and murmuring, “Gawrsh, Mr. B. You’re so smart.  Whatever it takes to get to that sweet, sweet change you keep talking about.”

Come on people. Does anyone take the time to think for themselves anymore?  What in the world made you believe that he would be able to control the employment rate?  It’s that same gullibility that allowed him to pass a massive health care reform filled with hundreds and hundreds of stipulations and earmarks that had nothing to do with healthcare.  To make matters worse, you should know that if you make statements like this publicly, it will be the bane of your existence if it doesn’t happen that way, because guys like Sean Hannity are going to make it one of their primary talking points. It makes me crazy when he says that over and over and over again. I can’t even comprehend what it would be like if he were actually referring to me personally. My brains would be scattered about in the Oval Office just so I could make him quit talking.

How could a stimulus affect unemployment?  If anything, it allows a person to stay unemployed longer by giving them an extra month’s rent and utilities.  What’s the rationale? They’ll get the check and then they’ll say, “Wow, I’d like to get more of these. Maybe I should get a job.'”  If you want to reverse unemployment, you funnel funding into the schools that will allow them to expand what Goodwill already does which is provide training to individuals who can’t afford it. That increases their skillset and makes them more valuable in the job market.  It also pulls more qualified teachers off of the streets which even further decreases the unemployment rate. That’s how you put a stop to unemployment.  Not by handing them a check that says, ‘Thanks for breathing. Now go buy yourself a nice TV.”

If Obama could simply stop speaking in such a reactionary way that only gets him in trouble, he’d have a lot less headaches. And by reactionary, I mean saying things like “the police acted stupidly.” and “you take your kid out to get ice cream, you can be harassed” and “passing the stimulus will keep the unemployment rate from going above 8%”.   I’m sorry, does he even have a speech writer on hand?  Or maybe he should just hire an ankle kicker.  Someone that will kick him hard in the shins when he’s about to say something that sounds only partially intelligent.  If anything, maybe it should be someone from the Harvard admissions department.

Please Obama.  Just stop talking out of personal opinion or from Cloud 8 where things are fruity with rainbows made of candy.  The position of President is a “matter of factual” position.  Time has proven over and over again that the second you utter something of personal opinion it always will bite you in the rear.  Always. No exceptions.

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