Sean Hannity’s Double Standards

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I decided long ago that I needed to stop listening to Sean Hannity’s radio show after I realized that I was listening to the same show repeatedly.  If it wasn’t the same show, it sure seemed like the same talking points over and over.  The first post I ever did for this blog was a couple years ago about his half truths and lies which still remains one of the most popular posts. Needless to say that he still comments on some things that I brought up in passing.  So I tuned back in after a long absence only to find that Sean is on to some new diatribes and all of which are just as asinine as the first. But now we’ve moved on to double standards which is almost as annoying.

Double Standard #1Holding Obama responsible for the oil spill.

To start, I already covered this in a post today that I too believe that Obama should show some accountability here. I’m not going to re-hash it here, but you can read my diatribe on the governments failure to handle this issue on my post BP Oil Spill – Katrina Part 2. The double standard here is that when Katrina disaster hit New Orleans, which was due to the same government regulatory failure to monitor a situation, Hannity was touting “What exactly is Bush supposed to do? He doesn’t have any control over the weather! It’s not even his department! “. Now here we are on the opposite side of coin and Hannity is being relentless in attacking Obama’s lack of response.  While I do agree, this is double standard #1.

Double Standard #2 – Drill, Drill Drill, Totally safe!

For those that recall, Hannity has been animate about drilling for oil in ANWR and touted drilling as completely safe and controllable and that those environmental nutjobs are crazy.  Along with those talking point he also frequently discussed offshore drilling as another safe alternative. Again, those granola eating windbags have no idea what they’re talking about. Anyone heard much talk about it anymore?

Double Standard #3 – Seal the borders!

Hannity regularly gets on Obama’s failure to secure the borders, but when Bush was in office the song was sung very differently. “Bush wants to put up a huge fence but no one will let him! What do you expect him to do?” For some reason Hannity is under the impression that Obama has the means to bypass those same opponents.

Double Standard #4 – Arizona’s “Misguided” Law

While I agree to Sean’s point that the law is designed to simply uphold an existing law and add an extra addendum to it, he will never understand the plight of being, um,…not white. Just like African Americans, Mexicans get pulled over for invalid reasons simply for officers of the law to investigate whether or not there’s something more that they can be booked or convicted of.  He doesn’t understand this aspect of society and that racism still exists.

We don’t care about your past and how your father worked his fingers to the bone from nothing.  All of us at one time or another faced similar adversities. It doesn’t make you the same as minorities. Illegal immigration needs to stop and if that’s what it takes, that’s fine, but don’t act as if there’s nothing maniacal here.  It simply takes what authorities are allowed to do to another level. Which is fine in my book, but annoying when you justify it as if there’s no potential problems.

And I’m sure that you have your own Double Standards of Hannity’s that have been eating away at you that you’re dying to yell, so I’ll leave space here for you.


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Arrest Those Illegals!

May 6, 2010 at 9:30 pm (Immigration, News, Obama, Opinion, Politics)

Everyone wants to make a huge deal about this border scenario, but it’s very simple.  If you’re here illegally, no one owes you anything and you should be deported.  Hey, just saying it like it is.  But what about the illegals who have been here and raised families? Oh well.  Hate it for you.

Look, it’s really simple. I’ve lived here all of my life, but if I break a law, then I go to jail.  They don’t give a rats behind if I have a family at home.  If I get arrested for DUI, I go to jail.  My kids go to the nearest, most capable relative.  Whether your intentions were honorable or not, breaking the law has consequences.  So I’m a little confused why people are so upset.

Then you have the people that are resting on the “Oh they’re going to pull people over simply because they’re Hispanic which is racial profiling.”  First, the law that Arizona is trying to implement specifically addresses that deed as specifically unlawful.  But let’s face it, if Bubba Cop wants to pull you over now because he “don’t like no Mexicans“, then Bubba’s going to come up with some bogus excuse to pull you over anyway, law or not.  And that’s happening right now.   And again, it still applies to everyone.  If Bubba pulls me over and I have 3 people in my car with blood shot eyes and giggling like they just orgasamed, and my car smells like pot, there are going to be questions. One of which will probably be “Can I see your papers” if I happen to have Jose with me.

But again, we’re talking about a border state here.  A state that is having major problems with illegal immigrants coming into the state and sucking their taxpayers dry. They go to their hospitals, using all of the states resources and just continue to drain Arizona taxpayers and they quite simply have had enough.  The primary people who are complaining are the ones who are illegal, know someone who is illegal, or has someone living in their house that is illegal.

You can say all that you want, but this argument is very cut and dry. Break the law and go to jail or in this case, get deported.  If you’re here illegally and go to the hospital, taxpayers pay for that bill.  Your kids go to the public schools which are already overcrowded and those children get to attend the schools on the taxpayers dime.  I get how life is hard and that the kids shouldn’t suffer, but can no one really come up with a true solution to this?

What about amnesty? What about it.  Amnesty simply says, “Oh, you broke our laws. You’re so silly. You’re a bad boy. Don’t ever do that again, ok? Here’s your papers so that you can continue to bleed your state dry of the resources that we had originally set aside for the Americans that have paid taxes all of their lives, but we have all of this extra just lying around, so here you go.”  I’m all about civil as I mentioned in my last post, but you can’t ignore the facts of this either.  At some point you have to rip off the band aid even if it hurts like hell.

The racial profiling part of this discussion is simply a diversion. Profiling happens every day already to whites, blacks, Hispanics, Indians, Middle Easterners and the list goes on and on. Happens everywhere and not just here in the land of the free.  Get over it.   10 million illegals spending just one dollar a day of taxpayers money is 10 million dollars a day.  And that my friend is a national crisis that has been avoided for way too long.

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